Upcoming Destiny Patch Will ‘Multiple Records’ Bug

Upcoming Destiny Patch Will ‘Multiple Records’ Bug

Source: Bungie



Destiny is set to receive a patch this month that will fix an ongoing Trials of Osiris bug as well as add other quality of life improvements. While Bungie announced that Hot Fix would be coming in April, the developer only highlighted a couple bugs that would get squashed in the upcoming patch.

One of those bugs, which Destiny fans have been complaining about

since the launch of Age of Triumph, causes Trials of Osiris matches to go on indefinitely. Essentially, when a self-res Sunsinger Warlock revives and is killed as the last member of his/her team, the game timer freezes and the round is “stuck.”

The only way to rectify the standoff is for one team to back out or for a team to get kicked out for inactivity. But that means the players who back out either voluntarily or are forced out of the game receive a loss on their Trials Passage and wreck their hopes for a Flawless run to the Lighthouse.

In addition to the fix to endless Trials matches, the patch will also fix an issue that players using the Destiny Companion app or other item managers have likely experienced since Age of Triumph launched. That is, the endless “Multiple Records” Record Book notification that triggers every time a player uses an application accessing Destiny’s API.