Top 15 Candidates To Be The Next England Manager

Top 15 Candidates To Be The Next England Manager


The position of England manager is a curious one. At one time it was the most prestigious role in English football and arguably world football. Now though many would consider it a poisoned chalice. Not since Bobby Robson more than a quarter of a century ago now has a manager been more successful after leaving the England job than they were prior to taking it.

Top foreign managers such as Sven and Fabio Capello have taken on the challenge and both have failed. Some of the most highly regarded domestic coaches have also tried their hand, with similar and often even less success. However, following defeat to Iceland at Euro 2016, the English national team are arguably at the lowest point in their history, and which manager they appoint next could well be a defining moment.

There is no outstanding English candidate. With only five English managers in the Premier League, there is far from an abundance of talented domestic coaches. The FA has often been criticised for seemingly avoiding brash or outspoken candidates in favour of ‘safer’ options, who perhaps have been less qualified and talented. Here are the top 15 candidates to be the next England manager:


Laurent Blanc has a very credible record as a manager. The Frenchman did very well with Bordeaux, before taking France to the quarter-finals of Euro 2012 and subsequently becoming the PSG manager, where he won 11 trophies in three years. Having said that, the Ligue 1 title was almost a given at PSG, and he didn’t manage to progress beyond the quarter-final stage of the Champions League.

Blanc has some experience at the international level as well, having managed the French national team between 2010 and 2012. Blanc took the team over at their absolute worst, coming off the abomination that was their 2010 World Cup under Raymond Domench. Blanc brought the French to the quarterfinals of the 2012 Euro, before they lost to eventual champions Spain. Blanc stepped down after that tournament.

Blanc played in England with Manchester United and has experience at international level, but is likely to be a long shot for the job.


There are only five English managers in the Premier League, and four of them make this list. The first is Steve Bruce. The Hull City manager is considered one of the finest English players to never win a cap for his country, but has already described it as an honour to be linked with the job. Bruce has never won a major trophy, nor managed at a top club, but came close with Hull in 2014, when he reached the FA Cup final. He is a motivator and has very good man management skills, but his tactical credentials may be a little questionable.

Bruce has a fire under his belly, which is something that the England national team has appeared to be lacking in recent tournaments. Their loss in the Round of 16 game to Iceland displayed how much the Iceland team wanted it more than the English side. If nothing else, at least Bruce would instill some fire in this squad.