15 Premier League Players Who Retired And Found Regular Jobs


Barry Horne hung up his boots in the early 2000s after a long and successful career in English football. He was also renowned on the international scene with Wales as a ball-winner and his hardcore playing style. Barry then had a stint as a TV analyst and pundit – which he still does now and again – and did a bit of radio work, but preferred to put his degree to good use. Barry’s another clever footballer, as he has a first-class degree in chemistry from the University of Liverpool. He decided to become a chemistry teacher and teaches both chemistry and physics at The King’s School, Chester. He was also director of football at the school, sharing his knowledge for both of his passions – science and football.


Simon used to be a hero at Blackburn Rovers. He’s the club’s all-time top goalscorer and netted for fun from 1978-1992. But Simon fell into the trap of thinking that he was set for life. Before he knew it, his career had passed him by; he was 36 and it was time to retire, but Simon had no clue what to do next. He spent a period behind bars, then got a job selling mortgages, then became a postman, but couldn’t cut it as he had a tough time dealing with having to be at work so early.

A friend then came to his aid and offered him a painting and decorating job; Simon accepted, stuck to it, and has been earning his corn painting and decorating in Berkshire ever since.