20 Premier League Stars: Who Are They Dating?

20 Premier League Stars: Who Are They Dating?

Source: Thesportster.com

Footballers do just about everything to keep us all entertained for the better part of the year, yet it’s still not enough. The sublime goals, tricky dribbling and captivating moments do well to keep the attention of almost the entire planet, but it’s nothing without the off-pitch drama that surrounds the sport.

Everyone wants to get up close and personal with today’s stars and a look into their personal affairs is sometimes just as entertaining as what we see for 90 minutes at a time on weekends and midweek. But it isn’t easy, is it?

It’s near impossible to get them on the end of a scope, as they’re pretty sheltered from the public. However, with today’s technology, they can’t keep everything under wraps.

One aspect of footballers lives that always garners interest is their love lives. Who players date always make for a great story, and sometimes, these women are pretty famous themselves. All of the time, though, they’re top shelf, which is why everyone just loves getting to know who’s the next new WAG.

In this list, we take a look at 20 Premier League stars and who they’re dating. Not trying to brag or anything, but you’re in for a treat.

  1. David Luiz – Sara Madeira

Chelsea star defender David Luiz has been one of the most dependable centre-backs in the Premier League this season. The Brazilian was sold by Chelsea in 2014, joining French side Paris Saint-Germain. But returned this term under Antonio Conte, with his form taking everyone by surprise.

Known for his erratic behaviour and questionable decision making during his first spell at Stamford Bridge, Luiz’ return beckoned a few raised eyebrows. However, the defender is partly responsible for Chelsea’s ascent this term and has shut everyone up.

Keeping the 29-year-old grounded is Sara Madeira. The pair have mostly kept details of their relationship private, but Luiz was forced to deny he was a virgin some time after joining PSG. He is a devout Christian and has certain beliefs, yet abstinence – apparently – isn’t one of them.

  1. John Obi Mikel – Olga Diyachenko

John Obi Mikel has been seldom used by Chelsea this season, if not being used at all can be considered seldom on some level. A star for the Nigeria national side, Mikel’s talent isn’t as revered at Chelsea and he could be set to leave the club in January.

Mikel is Chelsea’s longest-serving squad member after captain John Terry, having joined the Blues back in 2006. The pairing of N’Golo Kante and Nemanja Matic has been preferred by Antonio Conte this season, leaving no room for the Nigerian, but he seems to be appearing where it counts; at the side of his stunning Russian beau Olga Diyachenko.

Mikel is said to be madly in love with Olga, who is the daughter of a Russian millionaire with various business interests in London. It is rumoured that the beautiful blonde is particularly good at preparing Nigerian meals, so that’s obviously why.

  1. Danny Ings – Georgia Gibbs

You might think that Danny Ings has the worst luck in the world. Ever since joining Liverpool from Burnley, the English striker has suffered two long term knee injuries. He has been ruled out of action for the rest of this season and it’s unlikely he’ll ever really get a chance at Anfield. But he does possess bags of talent and, if he can recover properly, he will definitely have his opportunity to shine at some club or the other.

Seems very unfortunate, does it not? Yet you would have to imagine that the mishaps are much easier to deal with when there’s a hot model living at home.

Indeed there is, with Ings dating Georgia Gibbs, a voluptuous beauty, who doesn’t mind letting the world know how dirty she gets it on with her man. A few months back, a photo of Gibbs standing in front of the striker and dressed in something rather raunchy surfaced on her Instagram.

He must really be enjoying his rehabilitation.