15 WWE Records Unlikely To Ever Be Broken

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15 WWE Records Unlikely To Ever Be Broken





The WWE, formerly the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), is the premier United States professional organization and most likely in the entire world, since its Superstars are globally recognizable.

As of 2017, the WWE was broadcasting over 250 hours of weekly LIVE professional wrestling programs and more than one dozen live pay per view style events annually.

The WWE has been an organized operation since 1963 when they broke away from the NWA and formed the World Wide Wrestling Federation. With more than 50 years of wrestling, there have been some records set along the way highly unlikely to ever be broken.

We had a former professional wrestler analyze the WWE happenings dating back to the first time that ringside bell ever rang. We enlisted the assistance of a man who was trained by the original Nature Boy and very first WWE World Champion, Buddy Rogers, and performed for many years as Buddy’s grandson. Based on his findings and expert opinion, we have compiled this list (in no particular order) of 15 WWE records that are likely NEVER to be broken.

15. He’s Cool…He’s Cocky…He’s B..B..B..Bad

The Honky Tonk Man was an unlikely Intercontinental Champion when he defeated Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat on June 2, 1987. This was just two months after Steamboat won the title from “Macho Man” Randy Savage at WrestleMania III. This was a time when I-C title reigns were around a year each, give or take, a month or so. Steamboat’s reign was considered short for that period. Originally “The Natural” Butch Reed was supposed to win the championship that day but missed the show. Based on a suggestion from Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon put the title on Honky. Honky generated such heat that he kept the belt for over a year. Honky Tonk Man’s entire reign lasted 454 days before he finally lost the Championship to the Ultimate Warrior at the first Summer Slam event. While this record is reasonably achievable, it is not probability based on the length of title reigns these days. The I-C Title used to change hands once…maybe even twice a year back then. Today, you may have as many as a dozen champions in one year.

14. The Living Legend Bruno Sammartino’s First WWE Championship

While Honky Tonk Man’s record could be broken one day, this one will stand forever. Bruno Sammartino became the second ever WWE Champion when he defeated Buddy Rogers at Madison Square Garden in 1963. Bruno held the title for over 7.5 years before Ivan Koloff bested him for the belt in 1971. It would be safe to assume that no wrestler will ever hold the WWE Championship for as long as Bruno did. There are many more matches today which leaves more room for injuries. There is more money involved today which leaves more room for contract disputes. Those two factors alone will make it nearly impossible to top this record. Bruno held the belt a second time for over three years, for a combined decade. Other long title reigns unlikely to be beaten were Bob Backlund’s five-year reign and Hulk Hogan’s four-year tenure as champion.

13. Give Him A 5 Count

At the very first WrestleMania, King Kong Bundy made short work of S.D. Jones with the official time of nine seconds, making it the quickest WrestleMania match ever. However, this record is disputable since the actual time differs from what the WWE claims it to be. If you timed the bout from opening bell to closing bell when the pinfall was made, the match lasted 23-24 seconds. There were other matches which were shorter. Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero at WrestleMania 24 in 11 seconds. The Hart Foundation toppled the Bolsheviks in 19 seconds at WrestleMania VI. Rey Mysterio won the Intercontinental Title from JBL at WrestleMania 25 in 21 seconds. Hulk Hogan won the WWE Championship from Yokozuna in 22 seconds at WrestleMania IV. However, the WWE still says Bundy and S.D. Jones was the shortest Mania match ever.

12. Sheamus World Title Victory

Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan for the retired World Heavyweight Championship in 18 seconds at WrestleMania 28. There were shorter contests, but this is the shortest World Heavyweight Championship bout at a WrestleMania. World Title Matches are usually held later on in the event due to their significance and the prestige of the championship. This bout took place early on in the event, and it was so short because Bryan was injured at the time and not capable of wrestling a longer match. Rather than give up the title and create a situation before a big event like WrestleMania, Bryan did the time-honored tradition of putting the next guy over.

11. New Day Rocks…New Day Rocks

This record was broken recently, at the end of 2016. The New Day held the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship for a total of 483 days. This is the same tag team championship that can be traced back to the belts held by Demolition for 478 days. Demolition’s record was almost 30 years old when The New Day surpassed them. It’s no secret why New Day’s record ended right after they beat Demolition’s record. Demolition was a tag team that Vince McMahon created to compete with the popularity of the Road Warriors before he signed them to the WWE. Demolition was involved in legal action against the WWE years later. Vince decided to destroy the legacy of his creation and have another team erase Demolition’s accomplishment from the record books.